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(although written for someone else – worthy to share.)


her Majesty, le félin féminin,
empress of black
and fur –
egyptian goddess of night –
saved the day preemptively
when I was just eighteen
fourth of july is our anniversary, she nodded
and nuzzled
time flies with no fright
with rhythm, despite
our cries to the moon while
we get it just right – and
fill contempt with Light, it
does not compare
are we aware
time knows no
boundaries –
on the moon with a spoonful of jello
and we
dined among the STARS
cried among the STARS
we do our thing
gangster – in the spring
blossoming –
le félin féminin
purrs again . . . menu changes
her majesty  of mystery
sometimes we just do our thing
let’s live in the mountains, I say
romance the sparklies . . .
eat the numbers
is there any other way
surprise!  the cycle goes…
’round the sun
but isnt it fun:  we’ve begun –


spins to win
we die to our rhymes
a little at a time




The Directors

SOUND . . .
the magical key…
vibrations unique
filled with history –
repeating itself with
undying circles
reverberating, an old myth –

ENERGY . . .
fills us with light
directs us to
our futures unknown
with care and we
follow or we dont
listen or deny –

the orchestra absolves
planet turns to dust
in our faces
but we swim
beneath the noise
it calls to us

we feel we breathe
we channel
echoes in a chamber we once
knew, and
stories reveal
in song and rhythm
between the lines
the essence: undisturbed –