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Ode to Luís Gongora 

i always find it weird
when a human life disappears
and remnants of their flesh is cleared

when hazmat crews clean
and vanish
last remainders of a soul

sometimes leaving strange reminders
blue latex glove here
caution tape there
and there –

and the world moves on
Life Lost
and wiped away

just ghosts stay
behind, confused
as if to say,
“what happened here?”

when tragedy strikes
trains hit
or cops shoot
sometimes folks dont
where they went

but they left anyway

one less soul

on the tracks
in the streets

of this Earth –

another mother
forced to cry –
because even
when they are nobodies


Left behind.

San Francisco

(or, Dilemna)

mindless, tired faces
too busy to notice
too burnt to care
pass with no eyes, no soul

this is the city
i could only dream as a child
to look out for –
to save myself from

now i wonder
how much to blend
how much to lend
my spirit –

how much is enough
to take before i leave
or to give
while i stay

and the trains blow by…

the music plays
chanting, on the edge of forever
spirits echo chasing dreams –
and i watch:


do i stay still? or run?