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The Directors

SOUND . . .
the magical key…
vibrations unique
filled with history –
repeating itself with
undying circles
reverberating, an old myth –

ENERGY . . .
fills us with light
directs us to
our futures unknown
with care and we
follow or we dont
listen or deny –

the orchestra absolves
planet turns to dust
in our faces
but we swim
beneath the noise
it calls to us

we feel we breathe
we channel
echoes in a chamber we once
knew, and
stories reveal
in song and rhythm
between the lines
the essence: undisturbed –

mother wolf

time bends
your voice curls
deep; its rhythms
on my soul
through delicate ears
lends –
what ive once known
from in the sphere
back into presence, here:

like moon twinkles
and shadows
delight, sprung with life
character –
seen just at night –
fades and carries
over ripples
thru eons with light –
stretching across
these many lives …

until suddenly
we stumble back
a magnet filled with
familiar sights, and
mother wolf, i
humbly beckon
with me, Come:
much work have we
to do
before this journey is forever