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You must see,
what you’ve found in me
i cannot explain,
we are from the past
waiting upon what is present
waiting for the future
that is now –
yet now we are here
and we are lost

You come from my past –
a recognized face
yet now our memories
have been erased
as i see you now
you are a new person –
as so am I –
yet our souls are connected, still;
and we are blinded
to images of our past
in a time so long ago –
we lived
and we met
and we danced in the moonlight –
falling into love, forbidden, showered
by silence
of the stars
and we kissed

and now
what you see in me
is a flicker from that past
hidden by layers of years
and new beginnings
though you still can’t see
what was held between you and me
what we shared, what we saw
what we felt…
why was I chosen
to remember, when you can’t

San Francisco

(or, Dilemna)

mindless, tired faces
too busy to notice
too burnt to care
pass with no eyes, no soul

this is the city
i could only dream as a child
to look out for –
to save myself from

now i wonder
how much to blend
how much to lend
my spirit –

how much is enough
to take before i leave
or to give
while i stay

and the trains blow by…

the music plays
chanting, on the edge of forever
spirits echo chasing dreams –
and i watch:


do i stay still? or run?